Cameron is an award-winning cinematographer based in London, UK.

Growing up in both the UK and the US, Cameron graduated with 1st Class Hons. (BA) from Exeter University. He then later went on to graduate with an MA from The London Film School.

He has since worked in over 9 different countries, collaborating with a wide variety of peoples across the world, both creatively, and professionally. 

As a cinematographer, Cameron is interested in working with directors to translate emotional themes into visual elements and structures. He believes that a story's poignance and emotional context should be reflected in the world around it. 

Cameron's work on "A Place With Pinwheels" (Dir. Alfred Seiya Lam) won him the Panalux Cinematography Award 2019. He also won the 2019 Image Prize at Chalon Court Film Festival for his work on "The Chairs" (Dir. Orkhan Agazadeh) this year.

Cameron's first feature project "A Grown Woman" (Dir. Shalini Adnani) is currently in post-production, and has been selected for Edinburgh International Film Festival Works in Progress 2019

Phone: +44 (0)790 808 1110
Instagram: cam_ward_